04 Jun 20

Cardrona Cabin Webinar

Cardrona Cabin Webinar

We recently joined a highly informative webinar discussion about the Cardrona Cabin with speakers Justin Wright-Assembly Architects, Daniel Gudsell - ABODO and Mike Skilton - Nuralite.

The cabin uses a warm roof and wall system which we had previously used before in the roof only. Assembly Architects came up with an ingenious way of transitioning the warm roof down onto the warm wall creating a highly efficient system encapsulating the whole building.

We formed an early collaborated approach around the build which contributed at an early stage to manage cost and gave us the opportunity to have input and learn about the project.

There is a high percentage of workmanship that has gone into the cabin and it gave us the opportunity to be able to show our true potential and create something great.


Nuralite Waterproofing // ABODO Showroom Webinar

Watch the recording here