Beacon Point Road.

Registered Master Builders House of the Year 2017.

Award medal Award medal


Designed with the needs of a young family in mind, the construction focuses on thermal efficiency to provide a comfortable internal environment year round with minimal heating requirements.

The combination of airtight construction, high performance insulation and heat recovery ventilation lead to a home that is designed to consume less than 1/2 the energy requirements of a typical new house.



Assembly Architects.


The house’s V shaped footprint twists the living end of the house to create privacy from the nearby busy road while framing views to the distant South-West mountains.

A double height space above the kitchen and full height North facing window allow the sun to reach deep into the house over the winter months and a heated concrete floor keeps small toes warm.


External openings are generous and elongated to frame the wide vistas and accentuate the exterior’s vertical Cedar weatherboards.