Courtyard House

Registered Master Builders House Of The Year Southern Region Category Winner and Gold - 2013

This daring house, planted firmly into land at the foot of Mount Maude, was designed to question where a building begins and ends in the context of its landscape. The architects, encountered a unique brief. One they’d never seen before.

The clients had already built a cardboard model of what they thought there house should be. Their vision was so specific. 

The owners stayed on site in a caravan throughout the build process and were able to be very hands-on through the entire journey. This was really important to them and we did whatever it took to make sure they were informed and happy. The build was a challenge with the four split levels. The ground was built up around the floor level at the back of house and had to be tanked. A little extra planning ensured we kept on time and on budget.

The walls were purposely erected out of “seconds bricks” - the slight variations in the colour of the bricks creating a gradation like the leaves of autumnal trees. The grey plaster with which we covered the bricks lends the home the singularity the architects and clients were seeking. The building would indeed look like it was part of the landscape.

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