Between materials, structure, land and people.


It’s relationships that create superior homes.

With the land.

Not only do we want to work on projects that beautify, transform and complement our environment, but we also strive to work in a sustainable fashion, to preserve the integrity of the place we live in for many years to come.


The right materials.

The first thing to catch your eye is often the materials. Not just what the home is made from, but how it is put together. Your new home has to not only look its very best but it also needs to last, and give you return on your investment. This means identifying and sourcing the very best materials from which to build with.


The best people.

We have a core team that form the heart of Dunlop Builders. Having said that, every project is unique and requires the right hands to ensure the best results. We handpick our subbies and suppliers relative to the scope of each project so we can deliver with confidence, and ensure the process is a smooth one.


Local authority.

Over the years, we have developed a robust bridge of trust with local councils both in the Central Lakes area. We know the regulations and how to build to them, as well as keeping everyone safe at all times.


Community focus.

The support we have received from the people of Wanaka over the years has been humbling. We endeavour to give back to our local community where possible. It is this sense of home that makes us proud to be creating iconic landmarks for people who love our region as much as we do.


With you.

At every key stage of the process, from initial vision to completion, we engage with you, and review our progress step by step.