Kanuka House.

Rammed Earth House, Wanaka.


Positioned on the side of Mt Iron, surrounded in Kanuka and schist rock this home follows the slope of the valley it inhabits. One of the linchpin design elements is the spectacular use of rammed earth.

Entry into the first level brings you into a warm and inviting atmosphere which then descends down to the living and dining area via extensive rammed earth walls.



Wiredog Architecture.



The main floor incorporates the study, music room and on a slightly lower level is the kitchen, dining and living areas. Skylight windows bring in light and colour to the rammed earth walls in the dining areas.


To complement the rammed earth elements, we used Prefa Aluminium Patina Grey cladding and cedar cladding.

The interior is recycled Rimu from Christchurch, as well as bamboo and strand board stained.

German style timber window joinery has been made out of Sybrian larch and kwila and windows fitted with triple glazed glass from Germany.